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  • Q: Why should I sign up for myInstasong?

    A: There are some very good reasons to sign up! Your account keeps a record of all the songs you've created, when they are sent, who they were sent to, and what type of songs they were. You can listen to them whenever you like, keep or delete any songs from the account, and you can share the songs again at any time with your friends and family. You can also make changes to the songs whenever you like. And remember, there's no charge for signing up!

  • Q: Can I create personalized songs without signing up for myInstasong?

    A: Yes - you can create personalized songs without an account, but you will need to create an account in order to send the songs to friends and family.

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Create, preview, and change as many songs as you like for free! You pay nothing unless you choose to send the songs to friends and family. Details

  • article image last minute

    A great last-minute problem solver

    Creating an Instasong takes about 3 minutes, and you can send it as quickly and easily as an email. The perfect last-minute problem solver! Try it now

  • article image occasions

    Personalized songs for every occasion

    We have Instasongs for all the special events, but you can also make songs just to say “hi” or to tell them you love them. See our catalog

  • article image real songs

    Real songs for real people

    Our songs feature professional orchestration. We take the music very seriously, even when the words are funny! Check out our songs

  • article image gift

    Your gift will be remembered

    People listen to their Instasongs over and over, because it’s all about them. It’s a genius idea! Try it now

  • article image creativity

    Let your creativity shine

    With Instasong, you’re the one who tells the singers what to sing, and you have final say over the finished product. Get creative

  • article image songwriting

    Hit songwriting and top LA singers

    Our writers have written hits, and our singers have been at the top of the Billboard charts. Really! Check out our team

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