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  • Q: What is an Instasong? How does it work?

    With InstaSong, you choose the type of song you want, give us information about the person you're creating the song for, and in seconds you get a fully produced song made just for you! You can listen and make as many changes as you like, and, once it's perfect, you can share it with the person you made it for, or share it with all your friends by posting it on social media. See video

  • Q: How do I provide info about the person the song is for?

    We make it super easy by providing pop-us lists with lots choises. It only takes about 3 minutes to create a song, and the results are amazing! See video

  • Q: How do I send the song to someone?

    Once te song is the way you want it, you can email it to the person you made it for, or post it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. We provide you with automated buttons to do all these things - just click and it's done. See video

  • Q: Who sings the songs?

    Believe it on not, we use singers that have had top hits on the Billboard charts. Some of out users have recognized the voices, and if you think you know who they are, email us and we promise we'll tell you if you're right. Contact us

  • Q: Can I make suggestions for new song styles and content?

    Yes! - we wish you would! We're very eager to hear what you think and what you'd like to see more (or less) of on our site. Contact us

  • Q: What does it cost?

    Nothing! After creating a free account, you get 5 songs to share with friends and family for free. After you'ved "used up" your 5 free songs, you can get another free song everytime you share a song on Facebook. So, you could make hundreds of songs and share them for free if you want to.

  • Q: What if I don't want to share my songs with anyone?

    After you'ved "used up" your 5 free songs, if you want to make more songs but not share them with anyone, you can do so by purchasing Instasong "credits". One song is $4.95, 5 song credits are $14.95, and 20 songs credits it $19.95.

  • Q: Who are the people behind Instasong?

    Instasong is a Los Angeles-based company made up of musicians, computer wizards, songwriters and singers. We own 2 patents on the Instasong technology, and we've been developing our songs and technology since 2002. If you'd like to find out more about our team, please feel free to Contact us.

  • Q: Why should I sign up for myInstasong?

    First of all, there's no charge for signing up - all we need is your email address, and as soon as you register you get 5 personalized songs for free. And we really mean free - you pay zilch, squat, bupkis, nada, nothing. After that, you get another free song every time you share a song on Facebook or other social platforms. Pretty cool, huh?

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Create and Listen to Your Songs for Free!

Create, preview, and change as many songs as you like for free! You pay nothing unless you choose to send the songs to friends and family. Details

  • article image last minute

    A great last-minute problem solver

    Creating an Instasong takes about 3 minutes, and you can send it as quickly and easily as an email. The perfect last-minute problem solver! Try it now

  • article image occasions

    Personalized songs for every occasion

    We have Instasongs for all the special events, but you can also make songs just to say “hi” or to tell them you love them. See our catalog

  • article image real songs

    Real songs for real people

    Our songs feature professional orchestration. We take the music very seriously, even when the words are funny! Check out our songs

  • article image gift

    Your gift will be remembered

    People listen to their Instasongs over and over, because it’s all about them. It’s a genius idea! Try it now

  • article image creativity

    Let your creativity shine

    With Instasong, you’re the one who tells the singers what to sing, and you have final say over the finished product. Get creative

  • article image songwriting

    Hit songwriting and top LA singers

    Our writers have written hits, and our singers have been at the top of the Billboard charts. Really! Check out our team

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